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Sunday, September 29, 2013

E-Readers vs. Tablets – Are They Different?

Some technology experts claim that the tablet computers have killed the e-readers. Though both of them are mobile devices that share some similarities, tablets and electronic readers have distinctive characteristics, as well.

So, what are the main differences between tablet computers and e-readers?

Different Purpose
The main purpose of each device is different. The reader is strictly created for the reading of electronic books, magazines and other publications. Its display is designed for that purpose. Rather than resembling a screen, the e-reader’s display resembles a printed page.

Tablets have a much more diversified purpose. They have various applications that enable browsing, social network usage, game playing, the viewing of multimedia, the listening to music and the storage of documents. The display is colored and the tablet is usually larger in size than the e-book reader.

Functional Characteristics
Tablets utilize a technology that is called eInk. When you look at the screen, you have the feeling that you are seeing an actual printed page. This technology prevents the eye from getting tired, even if you read many chapters without a pause.

Some e-readers have browsers but this is not their main purpose. Because of the secondary importance, the browsers may be lacking in user-friendliness and convenience. The tablet, on the other hand, is mainly designed for browsing. Accessing websites is simpler and much more intuitive.

Very few e-reader models come with an integrated keyboard. The majority have just a few buttons that allow for browsing through the book, switching between books and deleting the documents that are no longer wanted.

The tablet has a keyboard and there are several possibilities. The virtual keyboard appears on the screen, whenever the user indicates interest in typing something. A USB port or wireless connection can also be used to add a small keyboard to the device.

In terms of battery life, the ebook reader is a winner. Since it has basic characteristics and fewer functionalities, the e-reader can function for weeks without demanding a battery recharge. The battery life of the typical tablet is several hours.

One of the biggest differences between e-readers and tablet computers stems from the price of such devices.
You may wonder why anyone would buy an e-reader when the tablet allows for book reading and much more. The traditional electronic book reader is significantly less expensive than the average tablet.

People who have a laptop and are specifically interested in reading electronic books will invest in the more affordable electronic book reader rather than in another mobile device. There are some very inexpensive basic ebook readers that can be purchased even on a very tight budget.

A Few Additional Considerations
E-reader or tablet? To decide between the two, you need to have a very clear idea about your mobile device needs and preferences. If you simply want to read a book while commuting, the reader is the better possibility for you.

People who expect to be using internet all the time, who want to have color on the screen and who are interested in reading magazines and publications that have colorful illustrations should certainly opt for the tablet.

There are plenty of applications for tablets, which can turn them into professional gadgets. A tablet will be capable of doing nearly everything that a laptop or a desktop PC can.

Tablet computers and e-readers are completely different pieces of equipment. Their purpose is determining for all the characteristics and functionalities. The two are very different and specialized, which means that both kinds of devices have their market niche.

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